Plane 4 Grain was a different type of client than I usually work with.  A woodworker, Matt Burbidge works from Alberta making custom furniture and other pieces of handmade wooden goodness.  He wanted something to set him apart from others in his field, and the energetic and modern logo he got was like nothing out there.  During our initial discussions, he mentioned that the name for his firm was in part due to the board game Settlers of Catan, which involves trades (such as wood for wheat, or plane for grain).  The logo shows two planks of wood disappearing behind a hex tile (an iconic part of the game) and emerging as wheat.

His website is a single-page site which pulls in his Instagram for his portfolio.  Burbidge’s website’s primary goal is to serve as an online pamphlet for his work, so we went with a simple and straightforward look which put his content first.

You can see his site at